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My Way News – Bode Miller finally wins Olympic gold medal

My Way News – Bode Miller finally wins Olympic gold medal

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Climate scientists withdraw journal claims of rising sea levels | Environment |

Climate scientists withdraw journal claims of rising sea levels | Environment |

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Andy Borowitz is a comedian and satirist who won the first National Press Club award for humor, and is known for creating the satirical website, the Borowitz Report.  His stuff is hilarious at the expense of the bleeding hearts and wannabees. I admire anyone who can make money and have an impact on people by forcing them to look their own follies.  But I’m sure their are those folks who take his words very seriously (TIC).

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Here’s a dangerous portend of things to come.  As our debt mounts and the government continues to print money thereby making the dollar valuable, countries that have invested in the United States as a “sure thing” are taking a second look. This lessened demand will catch up with us in the form of inflation that will surpass the Carter years if the hapless spending of this administration continues.  This is not to say that the previous administration is without fault.  However, Barrack Obama wins the “prize” for a seemingly unconscious spending spree that has never been witnessed in the history of this country.  And there seems that there is no let up in sight.  The latest move by the administration is to create a panel that will perform an “independent” study of solutions to achieve some balance in the budget.  The administration goes on to say that recommendation by the panel should not be blamed on the president, who vowed during his campaign not to raise taxes on Americans earning less than $250,000.  The president will not sit on the commission and the options they present will not necessarily reflect administration policy, according to White House officials.  Wow, what a perfect scheme to get what he wants, so he thinks.  Of course the commission will recommend that either spending is cut or taxes are raised.  Since the politicians in Washington have no stomach for restraint the only alternative will be to raise taxes.  This will all be done without blaming Obama since it will be the recommendation of this pseudo commission.  Of course this is why many Republicans are skeptical of the panel and do not want to participate unless tax increases are off the table.  You’ll never hear this in the main stream media however.

When are the population and the politicians going to begin to show some restraint?  I’m not an economist but it doesn’t take much of an intellect to realize that we are on a dangerous course.


Um — About Those Vanishing Polar Bears…


via Um — About Those Vanishing Polar Bears….

The climate debate debacle continues.  I hadn’t realized how much unproductive time and energy was being put into this “concern” until one day a couple of years ago.  It was particularly hot day.  I was waiting for my car to be dried at the car wash.  As usual, a group of people were congregated waiting for their cars as I was.  A noticeably well dressed gentleman and I struck up a conversation about the day’s temperature.  He ended the conversation with the comment, “I’m really concerned about the polar bears and hope that they are able to survive”!  I was rendered speechless with this comment.  Here was an obviously successful individual who, in spite of his capacity to achieve, had this notion that the bears demise was immanent.

I thought a lot about that comment for some time afterward.  I really don’t understand how people so easily even though we have this constant drumbeat of liberal self-serving poppycock coming at us for every possible channel.  I’ve rationalized that there are distinct segments of the population that try to digest this information.  They process it in different ways.  There are the folks with their hands out waiting for the benefits of a “ready to control your life” government on one end of the scale.  On the other end, their are those that, through there own achievement, possess an incredible arrogance.  How arrogant these humans are to think that we can alter the weather with a spray can.  And of course there are those that are so emotionally seeped in liberalism and hate for the alternative that they blindly close out any rational thought or openness to debate.  Perhaps this is the consequence of a free society.


Alaska Steps Forward Towards Energy Security!

Congratulations are due Exxon and the State of Alaska’s Department of Natural Resources for completing the first development well at Point Thomson in northern Alaska. This is a huge field full of domestic crude, and it’s time to drill for it! This week we’ve witnessed great progress toward more energy security for Alaska and our entire nation. What began as hefty trucks and hard working men and women heading up an ice road last year, to the commencement of drilling at Point Thomson, this progress has finally led to Exxon’s announcement today of completion of its first development well to produce oil and gas. Our “tough stance” with big oil and perseverance in insisting that Alaska’s resources be developed instead of warehoused while foreign countries are busy developing their oil and gas reserves has paid off to the benefit of everyone involved. Drill here, drill now… energy independence is a national security issue that can’t be ignored any longer. – Sarah Palin

The American Spectator : There’s Something About Sarah

There’s Something About Sarah

By on 2.10.10 @ 6:08AM

It has been nearly a year and a half since Sarah Palin became a household name in America and the world over. Despite the fact she was on the bottom half of a losing ticket and hasn’t held public office in more than half a year three cable networks provided live coverage of her address to the Tea Party Convention last Saturday night in Nashville. Is there any other private American citizen who could command that sort of undivided attention?

The answer is nobody else could and liberals know it all too well. How else can one explain their sudden obsession with Palin’s left hand? The best liberals could do was to say that she had cheated by writing a few words on her hand. So let’s see if I get this straight. Sarah Palin has all of six words on her palm and liberals conclude “she needs a cheat-sheet.” (1) Yet liberals don’t seem to mind that President Obama needs a teleprompter to read a nearly 2,000 word speech during the National Prayer Breakfast last week and still mispronounced the word “corpsman” not once but twice. (2) Talk about hand wringing.

But Palin is well aware life is unfair and that this is par for the course. She responded as perhaps only she could. During a rally for Texas Governor Rick Perry the following day, she wrote on her palm for all to see, “Hi Mom!” Now that’s telling liberals to talk to the hand.

Yet for all their disdain for the former Alaska governor, liberals still can’t quite put their finger on her. Much in the same way they couldn’t understand Ronald Reagan. I don’t know if the Tea Party Convention organizers did this by design, but Palin’s speech fell on what would have been President Reagan’s 99th birthday. Indeed, she paid homage to the Gipper when she began her speech. Palin, like Reagan, has an uncanny ability to read the public pulse and tend to it with a common touch.

During Reagan’s lifetime he was at various times called an “amiable dunce,” derided for describing ketchup as a vegetable (even though he never actually did), and chided for reading from cue cards. Yet it is worth remembering what former CNN anchor Bernard Shaw said in conversation with Wolf Blitzer and others following Reagan’s funeral:

SHAW: Can I say something that touches on a very sensitive issue?

BLITZER: Of course.

SHAW: The news media and how we failed to thoroughly cover and communicate the very essences we’re talking about possessed by Ronald Reagan. What I’ve been reading and what I’ve been hearing I did not get during his two terms in office, or did I miss something?

BLITZER: I think you’re on to something, Bernie.

SHAW: I think we failed our viewers, listeners, and readers to an appreciable extent. I can’t quantify it, but I’ll put it there. Because I certainly missed a lot.

Now there are those amongst conservatives who scoff at the notion that Palin is a Reagan in the making. Yet when reading Shaw’s poignant observations one cannot help but think that the liberal media are failing their viewers, listeners, and readers to a considerable extent with Palin as they did with Reagan more than a generation ago. Should Palin run for and be elected to the White House, there is every reason to believe the liberal media will do much the same with her and miss a lot. These sentiments would be especially pronounced should she dethrone Obama. One would hate to think it would take Palin’s passing for the liberal media to utter a kind word about her, but that is probably what it would take.

Yet then again I am sure Palin would just as soon not to live long enough to see the day when MSNBC sings her praises. During her address before the 2008 Republican National Convention she said, “Now here’s a little news flash for those reporters and commentators: I’m not going to Washington to seek their good opinion. I’m going to Washington to serve the people of this great country.” (5)

Of course, there are those who will always believe that Palin will need someone to hold her hand. But she does not stand alone. To paraphrase that great gospel song penned by the late Gene MacLellan, she has “put her hand in the hand of the man who stilled the water/put her hand in the hand of the man who calmed the sea.” Just so we are clear the man with that hand is not the “charismatic guy with a teleprompter.” Yet so long as Sarah Palin keeps a firm grip on that hand she will be able to reach out and be received. Meanwhile, liberals will be left to grasp at straws.

LIVESTRONG.COM – Health, Fitness, Lifestyle | LIVESTRONG.COM

LIVESTRONG.COM – Health, Fitness, Lifestyle | LIVESTRONG.COM

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Super Bowl ads: Five best and worst |

Super Bowl ads: Five best and worst |

Do you feel left out because everyone is talking about the commercial that you missed?  Now you can jump right i the conversation.

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William McGurn: Bush Was Right, Says Obama –

William McGurn: Bush Was Right, Says Obama –

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