What is he really after?

Today, President Obama told Democrats that he was not leaving the health-care issue behind, this after having admitted earlier in the week that it was just about dead in the water.  One really has to question this illogical behavior and ask, “What is this guy really after?”  He admits that more folks in Washington do really want his kind of reform.  Yet he continues to throw himself and his fellow Democrats “under the bus” with  this line of thinking.  There are some who think he is purposely trying to overwhelm the system or that he has some subversive motive in mind.  I have tried to stay objective about all of this.  I really hate to say this but, in spite of the fact that the media has tried to sell his “brilliance”, I’m beginning to think that perhaps this guy is just really not that smart.  He’s has literally wasted one year in this self-absorbed track to try to shove health-care reform down our throats.  Every day the economy is sinking, more jobs are lost and more people lose faith in the best system in the world.  This has got to hit him in the face daily yet he stays on this health-care issue.  No one in the country, except him, really believes that a government run monopoly will improve our financial mess.  Yes, I think more people should be asking whether our president is really up to the task intellectually.

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