Um — About Those Vanishing Polar Bears…


via Um — About Those Vanishing Polar Bears….

The climate debate debacle continues.  I hadn’t realized how much unproductive time and energy was being put into this “concern” until one day a couple of years ago.  It was particularly hot day.  I was waiting for my car to be dried at the car wash.  As usual, a group of people were congregated waiting for their cars as I was.  A noticeably well dressed gentleman and I struck up a conversation about the day’s temperature.  He ended the conversation with the comment, “I’m really concerned about the polar bears and hope that they are able to survive”!  I was rendered speechless with this comment.  Here was an obviously successful individual who, in spite of his capacity to achieve, had this notion that the bears demise was immanent.

I thought a lot about that comment for some time afterward.  I really don’t understand how people so easily even though we have this constant drumbeat of liberal self-serving poppycock coming at us for every possible channel.  I’ve rationalized that there are distinct segments of the population that try to digest this information.  They process it in different ways.  There are the folks with their hands out waiting for the benefits of a “ready to control your life” government on one end of the scale.  On the other end, their are those that, through there own achievement, possess an incredible arrogance.  How arrogant these humans are to think that we can alter the weather with a spray can.  And of course there are those that are so emotionally seeped in liberalism and hate for the alternative that they blindly close out any rational thought or openness to debate.  Perhaps this is the consequence of a free society.


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