Fox News Exclusive: President Obama – Video – Part One

Fox News Exclusive: President Obama – Video – Part One

FNC Exclusive: President Obama – Video – Part Two

I waited eagerly for Bret Baier’s interview yesterday and I wasn’t disappointed.  Bret is normally a very mild mannered journalist; I’m sure that’s why he was chosen for this interview.   The President came to this with the intent to give his familiar oratory, wandering from the heart of the matter and steering toward putting his agenda across without regard to the question asked.  Bret did everything possible to to keep him on point and get the answers that so many Americans want.  Bret did his job like no other journalist I’ve seen in a decade!  President Obama’s halting responses betray his intent.  It seems illogical to me that, for the sake of a few, he is so willing to trash a system considered to be the best in the world.  But this is the Progressive agenda.  There was a time when the majority rules.  Now we are ruled by the loudest voices.  Its only when the “silent majority” is pushed to the wall that they speak out.  Hopefully that is finally happening before this President’s agenda changes everything that I’ve known to be the entire foundation principles of this great country.


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