Putin vexes US over nuclear power

FT.com / US & Canada – Putin vexes US over Iran nuclear power

Here’s a surprise!  While President Obama plays nice, nice to the leaders of the world, examples of disrespect like this continue to surface.  Obama’s progressive mentality has placed the country in the position of having our adversaries challenging the USA in a way not seen since Jimmy Carter.  The frightening fact of all of this is that as all of these challenges continue, no one in this administration takes the hard line necessary to keep these opportunists at bay.  I didn’t agree with everything President George W. Bush did but he commanded the respect of world leaders with his realistic approach to the world scene.  At home it was a lose, lose proposition then, as it is now, with the main stream media slamming President Bush’s approach to world affairs.  He understood very well that the moment we show our weakness, there will be some power broker rushing in to fill the void.  Whether it’s the leaders of the European nations or the dictators like Chavez or Castro, they are laughing at us behind our backs.  They understand fully that we have a weak sister in the white house.  The only thing that keeps the Europeans from losing hope and our enemies from being even more provocative is the fact the 2012 is only 3 years away and things will change drastcally!  We should celebrate our form of government and the wisdom of our forefathers when they established our framework.


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