Sampling of Public Opinion – Author unknown

This comment, appearing in a blog today and written by someone submitting a comment, was so “right on the money”, I’m posting it here.



This is not a matter of the Democrat elite ruling class being out of touch. They are fully aware of the uproar and significant opposition to this legislation, but simply do not care. “Reform” of this nature and magnitude is nothing more than one more step…and a major one…towards creating a power base at the federal level with a culture of dependency and subservient subjects in this country. This legislation will have the exact opposite effect compared to the propaganda spewed by Democrats, the Left and their willing accomplices in the media. You can bet the rent that taxes are going up, prices are going up, the federal deficit is going up, the federal debit is going up, health care and insurance choice will decrease, jobs are going away…and on and on and on. If the Obama sycophants were hoping to be subservient to the federal government, then I guess you should be happy with the “hope and change” for which you voted. If you were an Obama supporter and are somehow surprised by this, then you need to wake up, admit you were duped and make amends for your mistake by standing up to the Democrats regardless of your party affiliation. For those of us who knew without a doubt that this would happen based on nothing more than observation, common sense and a little independent thinking, we are horrified by what we are stuck with thanks to what appears to be an alarmingly uninformed electorate. That is the problem with progressivism and liberalism. At the core of their agenda is spreading misinformation to an ignorant electorate which then places them in positions of absolute power and control. We now have to suffer through and fund what the government will do TO us because the voting sheep are ignorant enought to actually think the ruling elite in government will do something FOR you. Pathtetic! This is yet another government Ponzi scheme aimed at placing undue burden on the producers and creating a completely dependent society for the sole purpose of advancing their own power and greed. Unfortunately, this health care legislation is the Shaq Daddy of wealth transfer schemes enacted thus far and will make Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid look like child’s play. I just hope it is not too late to reverse course. My fear is we sat back for decades while they created a system that cannot be undone. If this does not wake us up and result in a revolution against our government, then nothing ever will and we are doomed.

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