What the Passage of the Health Care Bill Means to Americans

What the Passage of this Health Care Bill Really Means to Americans.  Posted on Nolanchart.com

by Shaun Eaves
Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March 21 2010 may or may not go down in the history books as the date of Americas’ continual decline accelerated to break neck speeds.  It may be seen by future generations as the day that America started producing sunshine and lollipops for everyone.  All of this has yet to be seen.

What has been made evident and is loud and clear is the fact that to those in Washington, which ever party is in power, the voice of the electorate is meaningless. Pelosi has said that Democrats should be willing to sacrifice their jobs to get health care passed [1]. The Democrat leadership was even reported as saying that once they had gotten 216 votes; those representatives in contested districts could vote their constituency [2]. How is that for a novel idea, representatives being allowed to do exactly what they were voted into office to do? Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t the House of Representatives supposed to vote the will of their constituents? Rasmussen shows that the opposition to the bill was at 54% while only 41% favored it [3]. Gallup shows that more Americans believe that this bill will make them and the country worse off than it was before [4]. Perhaps we should change the name from the House of Representatives to the House of Screw What my Constituents Want I Got a Ride on Air Force One (a la Dennis Kucinich).

The democrats and President Obama pledged to the American people after the election of Scott Brown that they got the message [5]. Health care reform has not been what has been on the peoples’ minds as we face 10% unemployment. I am sure many voters feel as I do, and the government meddling in 1/6th of the economy is not a means to fix the jobless rate. As many Americans are losing their jobs, homes, and retirement funds, health care reform is one of the furthest things from their minds. So, why now, two months removed has the health care battle been brought back to the forefront? Last I checked there have been no net gains in employment yet. People are still struggling to hold onto what they have, or trying to battle back to even during the hardest financial times of most of our lives.

So, what makes the health care battle so important to the President?  Because all Obama seems to care about is Obama.  He knew that if the health care bill failed to pass it would be seen as his Waterloo.  Which, time will tell, it may be after all. One thing the American people seem to oppose in their elected officials is arrogance at the electorates’ expense.  This health care bill will create no new jobs, except for a few more bureaucrats.  It may in fact cost many people their jobs in the long run, especially within the health insurance industry.  As Joe Biden said “You know we’re going to control the insurance companies [6].”  Government control of private companies rarely if ever leads to job growth, and more often than not leads to job loss.

What saddens me the most about the passage of this health care bill is not that I am riled up by all of the hyperbole surrounding it; but rather one more bill will be signed into law without anyone truly knowing what is in it.  The attitude in Washington was represented perfectly by John Conyers when he said:  “I love these members, they get up and say,  ‘Read the bill’.  What good is reading the bill if it’s a thousand pages and you don’t have two days and two lawyers to find out what it means after you read the bill [7]?”  Has it really gotten to be too much to ask someone to know what they are voting on?  If I sign a contract, am I not legally obligated to abide by it?  Does anyone believe that it would hold up in court if I were to get up and say “I love these people who say  Read the contract.’  What good is it if you only have ten minutes and no lawyers to find out what it means?”

This bill is 2400 pages.  Not only is it 2400 pages, but as of yet no one has been able to come out and say what it will accomplish.  Speaker Pelosi has actually said “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what’s in it, away from the fog of controversy [8].”  Now, correct me if I am wrong Mrs. Pelosi; but this isn’t how our system is set up is it?  Since when are the American people supposed to sit back and wait for the government, which works for us, to tell us what we will be allowed to have?

Excuse me for being skeptical of any piece of legislation that is 2400 pages long.  By comparison; the Emancipation Proclamation is two pages, The Declaration of Independence is four pages, the Constitution is 21, and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 currently clocks in currently at a grand total of 33 pages.  So, with 3% of the pages needed for the health care bill we have been able to:  Break away from England, Establish a never before seen system of government, free an entire race of people, and then give them equality.  So, once again, I ask why would any piece of legislation require 2400 pages?

The only thing that I know that this bill really does is to expand Medicaid coverage to as many as an additional 15 million people [9].  They are doing this at a time when many doctors have started refusing Medicaid patients [10].  So, while the Democrats celebrate the “Victory” that has really accomplished very little to truly help anyone, we can all take some solace.  They promised a Cadillac and delivered a Yugo, at Maybach cost.  We can all take solace in the fact that this fight is not yet over.  There are many states who are now taking this battle to the Supreme Court [9].  So long as the Supreme Court does not believe the case is to answer a political question, the health care bill may be over turned.

So, what the passage of this bill means to Americans is:  Congress has told us that we are no longer a part of the process.  It tells us that our country has become Of the Government, For the Government, and By the Government.  I believe that it is about time that we as American citizens demand that our government, who are our subordinates, stop patronizing us like we are children.  If we are unable to understand the complexities of a piece of legislation, is it not their fault?  Let us seriously ponder that question for a second.  Would it not be the government’s fault if we were unable to understand what they were doing, since THEY took over OUR educational system, and the quality of our education system has declined continually since.  Hopefully our health care system does not suffer the same fate, since THEY are messing around with OUR system.

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