The Audacity of Obama on Immigration

By thomasjeffersonclubblog

The U.S. Justice Department filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Arizona’s immigration law and seeking an injunction to stop its implementation. Claiming that the law usurps federal authority, the administration believes it is reasonable to file the lawsuit in order to stop other such laws from being enacted across the country.

It would be reasonable for the federal government to actually enforce its own immigration laws instead of deliberately refusing to do so. This, too, would stop the need for individual state laws. Politics, ideology, and political correctness are overriding common sense at the federal level and many states, particularly Border States, are in danger because of it. What else can they do?

This administration, along with the progressive left, has made it known it favors amnesty for illegal immigrants. In fact, that is the only issue they are interested in under the guise of “comprehensive immigration reform”. Since amnesty does not appeal to the majority of people in the country, they are willing to ignore laws to force the issue, hoping the American people will follow out of desperation.

Obama’s refusal to enforce the law is creating another “crisis” to be manipulated for political purposes. He will then try to ram another ideologically laden bill through Congress as a solution. The real “crisis” this country seems to be facing is the Obama administration and the coming mid-term elections are the only recourse the public has to begin to end the rubber stamp majority rule that it holds.

Border security, illegal immigration, and true immigration reform are three issues that must be dealt with separately – and in that order. Combining them as one issue is a political ploy for the sole purpose of getting amnesty passed, thereby, gaining a large Democrat voting block. The audacity of Obama’s politics is causing chaos and danger throughout the country and it must be stopped.

David J. Hentosh

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