Expect a Lot of Obamacare Talk Between Now and November – The Campaign Spot – National Review Online

The National Republican Senatorial Committee assesses the results in Missouri:

Yesterday’s election results in the key swing state of Missouri — particularly the success of Proposition C — are more than just evidence of voters’ overwhelming opposition to President Obama’s costly and unpopular health care takeover. A closer look at the numbers reveals further evidence of the massive enthusiasm gap that fired-up Republicans and fiscally responsible Independents currently enjoy over Democrats with just 90 days until Election Day.

In their respective primaries, Republican nominee Roy Blunt received roughly 145,000 more votes statewide than his Democrat opponent Robin Carnahan, despite the fact that Blunt faced eight opponents while Carnahan faced only two. Blunt even won nearly 500 more votes than Carnahan in St. Louis County, the state’s most heavily Democrat region.

Show Me State voters also approved Proposition C — which attempts to shield Missourians from the Washington Democrats’ mandate to buy ObamaCare — by a massive 71-29 margin. Recent surveys show that 61 percent of Missourians oppose the Democrats’ recent health care law. Notably, Carnahan has fully and enthusiastically endorsed President Obama’s health care overhaul, and she voted against Proposition C.

As one of the President’s chief priorities, there’s no doubt that his health care bill will be among the key issues that voters weigh this November. With our national debt skyrocketing to a record $13 trillion and unemployment still burdening middle class families and small business owners, President Obama and the Washington Democrats’ decision to ram this massive health spending bill into law will certainly motivate Republicans, Republican-leaning, and Independent voters this November.

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via Expect a Lot of Obamacare Talk Between Now and November – The Campaign Spot – National Review Online.

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