On Glenn Beck’s Event – 8/28/10

Glenn Beck’s event at the Lincoln Memorial was totally resonating with many, many americans. Estimates of attendees are 300-500,000 and viewers on Facebook approx. 150,000 and double that on C-Span. I don’t have an account on other radio stations that broadcasted it, but I think that altogether we can say viewership was about 1 million.

For anyone who watched I can say that the event was quite inclusive, sincere and remarkable in how peaceful and organized it was.

There is magic on Glenn and one must wander what is it that makes him connect with people. There is no denying that our America is at a crossroads and we are in grave danger of losing our identity because the party in power and followers are on a stubborn transformational journey of social justice and reparations that goes against all of the principles and legacy left by our forefathers.

Glenn Beck’s message was one of EQUAL Justice for all and INDIVIDUAL responsibility and that is why it connects with many americans. It is time to regain our country from the abyss where it highjacked by liberals with a socialist agenda that caused a left turn on our destiny.

For those of you who are against our core values, let me advise you that there is a great re-awakening and everything under our power will be done to change the course of our destiny and get back on track.

For you see, we are very patient because we know the greatness of this country, but there comes a point where we will intercede and stop any currents that want to change our country away from our core values.

Liberals, socialists, marxists, that have taken control, we warn you that you will be thoroughly rejected and in a peaceful way, with the power of our vote.

Glenn has taken us on a true journey of the real HOPE and CHANGE that we expected and we never received.

Mr. Obama needs to start focusing on getting another job, because come Nov. 2012 he will be fired. And his political life will be totally miserable come Nov. 2010 when he will lose control of Congress.

Mr. Obama needs to learn a lesson that social justice and black liberation theology DOES NOT work in this country. This is nothing more than a perversion of our values and indeed it was not the message that Martin Luther King spoke so valiantly about.

We are getting back to valuing individual freedoms and responsibilities. For it is the individual who controls their destiny in this country and not the social collectivity as believed by Obama and all his socialist followers. That experiment has failed and we are about to change course.

Let’s prepare for our peaceful revolution through the power of our vote!

(Comment – Washington Post)

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