Obstructionist Senate Democrats vote down House passed CR funding bill – want government shutdown

This time, it’s all on Democrats. No matter how much the lame stream media wants to spin it. The obstructionist Senate Democrats killed the the bill passed by the House late last night to fund the government, and FEMA to help-those Hurricane Irene victims. Democrats proved that they would rather protect their bullsh*t “green energy” than help those affected by Hurricane Irene. Now, both chambers of the Senate will be on vacation (or recess) for another week to observe the Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. This despite the fact that the majority of the Congress and Senate members are not Jewish. I wonder why Muslim Keith Ellison will be doing during those Jewish holidays? Trashing Jews from his prayer rug? The only Democrat to vote in favor of the bill was Ben Nelson of Nebraska, but he’s toast in the next election anyway.

Read more via Fire Andrea Mitchell!.

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