Village Voice theater critic Michael Feingold suggests killing 53 New York billionaires and seizing their assets

Village Idiot Michael Feingold is a theater critic for something called Village Voice. Apparently Micheal Feingold is also a fan of killing millionaires and billionaires to take their money/assets to give to the poor. So I was checking out Gateway Pundit, and saw the post about this left wing nutjob making such an insane Facebook post. I figured, that couldn’t be right. Even keyboard cowboy progressive liberal Marxists aren’t stupid enough to say something like that! Well, I was wrong. Seems Feingold was upset that 53 of the Forbes top 400 wealthiest Americans are from New York. Feingold himself lives in New York according to his Facebook profile, and I’m sure is quite wealthy himself, being such a Village idiot. Leftards like that make good money in places like New York. Of course, he is also originally from Chicago, so then I realized why he is such a loony toon. Obama and the progressive liberal Democrats in Congress should be proud. They are now provoking people to call for the killing the wealthy. Heckuva job there Obama!

Via Fire Andrea Mitchell!.

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