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Colin Powell Blames Media and Tea Party for Divisive Tone in Washington |

I happened to read this comment on News Busters this morning. It was in response to Colin Powell’s attempt to lay the blame on the country’s current dilemma on the Tea Party. In my view, where it appears to some that the the conservatives in this country are just saying no to most of the current “solutions” put forward by the opposition, the time has come to stand firm to stop the traditional way that business is done in Washington. We cannot continue on our current path. The following comment speaks of compromise as it has occurred in the past and where conservatives stand relative to the subject.

POWELL: “They compromised — the Founding Fathers compromised on slavery. They had to in order to create a country.

“Right there you have the heart of the national dilemma.Old graybeards like Powell insist on a compromise. But 60 years of compromise since WW2 have delivered a $15 trillion national debt and a government system that is in a death spiral.But take Powell’s example about the compromise on slavery, of all things. While he is historically correct, he implies that we may have to accept some self-destructive evil in order to preserve the country. The compromise on slavery did indeed permit the 13 original states to form a country, but we then had to suffer a destructive civil war 80 years later in order to rectify the wrong.Beltway creatures like Powell whom I once held in high regard don’t get it. The time for compromise is over. In relative terms, the US is now at where it was in 1859, not in terms of splitting apart through secession, but in terms of the eve of another cataclysmic upheaval, this time of an economic nature. We are accelerating toward the kind of economic destructive that anti-capitalists yearn for, because they believe capitalism will ultimately destroy itself perhaps with a big shove from the extremes, opening opportunities for failed systems like communism and fascism.Neville Chamberlain believed compromise at Munich in 1938 would spare Europe another world war. It didn’t.The Old Guard in the Beltway believes that compromise will get us past this tough economic slump long enough for them to win re-election. But the simple math proves them wrong. Compromise is now merely kicking the can down the road again. Republicans and Democrats have kicked the can for decades even when the evidence of a future train wreck was irrefutable. They’ve known for decades that Social Security and Medicare would become unsustainable in the early 21st Century.And now we’ve run out of time for compromise. We need adult leadership that not even the likes of a retired general can provide.”

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