For the fools that use the Dem talking point that Sarah Palin is a quitter.

Upon her return to Alaska to resume her duties as Governor, Sarah Palin was plagued with one trumped up ethics charge after another which cost her staff dearly.

That entire campaign of BS lawsuits was meant to do nothing but hamstring the governor’s office and bankrupt Sarah Palin.

The endless ethics investigations were threatening to overshadow her legislative agenda. Attacks inside Alaska and largely invisible to the national media had paralyzed her administration.
She saw that if she stayed on as Governor it would continue to cost the state millions of dollars in wasted time and resources to defend against false and maliciously ethics complaints and doom it to gridlock.

By the way, she had fulfilled all the campaign promises she made, i.e., ethics reform, budget cutting, earmark cutting, getting the natural gas pipeline off high center through an open, transparent, and competitive process!

In an article Sarah. Palin said:
“I said, ‘Enough. Political adversaries and their political friends in the media will not destroy my State, my administration, nor my family. Enough.’ I knew if I didn’t play their game any longer, they could not win. I would not retreat, I would instead reload, and I would fight for what is right from a different plane.”

She promised to keep the frivolous anti-Palin law suits away from the Alaskan people and to be more effective on the stump ( supporting candidates , fundraising, etc)
Sarah Palin was truthful on both accounts!

She has worked tirelessly to fight Obama’s policies and elect
conservatives; Sarah Palin was #1 in the fight and she basically
spearheaded the 2010 victory with her endorsements and rallies all over
the country.

From the moment Sarah Palin resigned the governorship of Alaska she has repeatedly offered serious policy statements on issues such as health care, the Federal Reserve’s money printing in funding our federal deficit, crony capitalism, energy independence, etc)
She was the first Republican to make a high-profile critique of the
Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing, though even earlier she had
marked the collapsing value of the dollar as one of her issues.
Sarah Palin has discussed more policy specifics in her speeches and through her writing than anyone else in the 2012 field!
She took Obama on when his approval ratings were still high and no one dared say anything negative about “the messiah”.

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