Questions about the Marathon Terrorists!

The mother of the Boston terrorist bombers is pure gold for people trying to get the point across that this entire Boston thing was motivated by Islam. Notice the media are trying to cover less and less of this story? Notice how few questions the MSM are asking all of a sudden? Here’s some – where did the money for the expensive cars, guns, and school come from? Why did the son’s wife say he was watching the daughter on the day he was dropping the bombs off? Why does no one mention the domestic violence charge against Tamerlan that didn’t raise a red flag? Why did the wife just look the other way when Tamerlan took off for six months? Why was not a trace of bomb material or any weapons of any kind found at the brothers’ apartment? How did the cops lose the younger brother for so many hours when they found his abandoned car, he was bleeding (per the guy who found him hiding in the boat) and no dogs were brought out to sniff him out from the car to the boat when he left an obvious trail?

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