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Limbaugh: I’ll Leave US If Health Care Reform Passes (VIDEO)

Limbaugh: I’ll Leave US If Health Care Reform Passes (VIDEO)

Once again, a comment made by Rush Limbaugh has been distorted and taken out of context in attempt to sway public opinion about the “Leader of the Republican Party”.  On the air, Rush’s lamented that if the current Health care proposal passes that he would go to Costa Rica to get his Health Care rather than put up with the proposed system in this country.  Of course, Huffington jumped on this and interpreted the comment to mean that he was moving out of the country.  What followed was the usual diatribe and garbage comments from the bleeding hearts.  I posted these comments on Huffington:

I have friends who cry about Rush Limbaugh in much the same vile and childish language that I’m reading in these comments. The interesting fact about this is that many of these friends have never really even listened to him or tried to understand where he is coming from. I doubt whether many of you really have listened either. Anyone that has listened to Rush, as I have since his early days in NYC, knows that he only wishes for people to be the best that they can be, on their own, without the help of the government to hold their hand. When did America turn so hateful without cause and when did they start becoming so weak and dependent on the government to hold them up.



Joepferr – Seriously? You think the language in the comments is vile and childish? May I ask without upsetting you – In what way does Rush want people to “be the best they can be on their own”? Can you give a specific thing he has said to encourage us to rise up from the governments help?

20 years ago, Rush, on his daytime show said he didn’t believe that Republicans were honest about their political agenda’s, that ” their real agenda’s were hidden beneath their lies….”? Did you know that he used to call the people who followed Bush Sr. SHEEP?? Rush went from a man who had a sense of humor and as an entertainer kept his comments in their place – which would fall under the correct category – entertainment – to a man who spews hatred to the public on a daily basis.

A man who said “I hope our president fails” 1 month into his presidency? A man who is now deemed by you and many conservatives as the “VOICE OF REASON” today. A man with no experience in governing yet you fall on his every word and repeat his catch phrases at every opportunity.

The only childish whining here is coming from you and your inability to perceive hatred and evil when it’s laughing at you right in your face. Republicans eat their own so don’t be surprised one day when you are hit with this stark realization that they’re nothing but BIG GOVERNMENT




Yes, seriously. While it’s true that I am a strong believer in conservative principle and tend to use language that may offend some, I really am not trying to be confrontational with you or anyone else.  I am just a little guy with my own company who, through these mediums, is trying to render a few words occasionally to unload, when I get a chance.  I have come to believe that there is such a wide gulf between our beliefs that it may be impossible to come together. Your questions and comments make me believe that, like me, you may be searching for ways to do that; I applaud you for that!

Has Rush said every word correctly and do I believe everything that comes out of his mouth so as not to think for myself?  Of course not!  If you happen to tune it once in a while and catch a few words from him, it’s very easy to get the wrong impression, unintentionally or intentionally.  One really has to listen to him to understand where he’s coming from.  You seem like a nice guy and I don’t want you to take this wrong but if you did actually listen to Rush you wouldn’t have to ask the question about “being the best you can be” and “a specific thing he has said to encourage us to rise up from the governments help”.  There are daily examples of this.  Yes, he is an entertainer.  He’s making too much money to claim to be anything else.  He has an amazing large following numbering in the millions but I guess you think that all of those people are wrong too.  Remember, MysticalPippin, you are in the minority as polls suggest that more people believe in conservative principle than liberal or progressive principle.

I certainly don’t remember the comment 20 years, and I’m sure you knew I wouldn’t but I agree with it.  I admire “W” and believe him to be a good and honest man.  You need to understand that this isn’t about Republican vs. Democrat.  It’s about Conservative against Progressive.  In the end “W” was too liberal for most but the bottom line about him is contained in this quote from him that I keep over my desk, “Government does not create wealth.  The major role for the government is to create an environment where people take risks to expand the job rate in the United States”.

Like this Huffington article that prompted me to comment, the meaning of your failure comment is actually inaccurate as well.  If you turned in at the right time, you could have heard him say “I hope our President fails”.  But if you listened to him rather that choosing phrases that suit your purpose, you would have heard him say, many times, that he hopes that Obama’s policies fail.  It was not a comment about the man.  Anyone with good sense would agree with that.  All that you have the do is to look at the direction we seem to be heading.  November can’t come too soon.  I hope you remember this comment in November when I expect the masses to object to his policies in numbers that you’ve never seen.

Your counter accusations about childish whining and my perception of hatred and evil is a contradiction in terms.  Just read this comment column and then tell me that I’m the one with the hate and remember everyone has the right to express themselves. But is it really necessary to spew such lies and garbage?  I try to keeping an open mind and learn how other people are really thinking.  That’s why I visit this site to begin with.  I would suggest that you attempt to not be so closed minded about the way that I think and I believe before you simply trash me with your inaccuracies as demonstrated in your last  sentence.  BIG BUSINESS, maybe, but my God man wake up to take notice how progressive and big government are sleeping together!!!!  Your comment is simply not rational.  I say these things with the upmost respect for you as another human being looking for answers.  I hope and pray you and other progressives find those answers soon before we are all living under total BIG GOVERNMENT control.


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